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Vans keep the colorful and creative collaborations coming as they partner up with Nintendo for their most recent edition, and its looking like this one is a Mike Tyson Punch-Out!! 

Using the Japanese video game icon Nintendo as the study, Vans colors up the Authentic, Sk8-hi, Old Skool, and Slip-On with graphics and details inspired by some of the most memorable video game experiences of the 80s and early 90s.
The collection of shoes come sporting remnant hints of Super Mario Bros., The Legend Of Zelda, Duck Hunt, Donkey Kong, and more, while other renditions sport details representing details of the gaming console like the controller and other 8-bit visuals.  The Mike Tyson part was just a pun, as Punch-Out might not be one of the games to be featured. All of these classic Nintendo themed Vans are up for grabs on June 3rd at select locations worldwide. Get a close up view of a few shoes from the collection down below and let us know if you’ll be copping these to show your inner gamer off.