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Tokyo brand FDMTL collaborates with Vans to create a unique version of the classic VANS Slip-On and Vans Era. The shoe features FDMTL’s known look and style that gives the slip-on a distinct “handmade” feel to them

The shoes come covered in indigo-dyed patchwork accompanied by the sashiko embroidery skills placed across the uppers of both models. The left and right shoe display mirrored patterns, so when you put them side to side they blend in very nicely.

The shoe is said to be released on March 26th at select retailers such as DSM Ginza. Stay tuned to WhatAreThose.com for more VANS updates.

via: HB


FDMTL x Vans 2FDMTL x Vans 3FDMTL x Vans 4FDMTL x Vans 5FDMTL x Vans 6