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Pharrell Williams has been rocking with Adidas for a good minute. He’s added his touch to existing shoe models in the past but we’ve been waiting to see his very own signature sneaker. Well it appears the wait may be over. Williams stepped out to the Grammy Awards in what could possibly be his new sneakers. The pair of shoes appear to have the words “human race” running down the fronts.

Well my thirst for more information about the kicks took me to his Instagram page  where I found that Pharrell was indeed wearing a Richard Mille watch, G Star jeans, Chanel glasses, and something from Cactus Planet Flea Market.  Welp, no confirmation that these shoe are his new signature pair from Adidas, but maybe you can find something nice at the flea market Pharrell (allegedly) frequents. Ha!

We don’t know many details. The shoes look like runners. They have a light and bright colorway that would be perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Either way, keep checking in with WhatAreThose.com for more info as it releases!

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