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Air Mags were a huge trending topic in the last months of 2015, its only expected that the styling would live on in another shoe somewhere down the line. Grabbing influence from different sneakers, this pair of the new Nike Swoosh Hunter is sure to get a few turned heads.

Lately we have been seeing sneakers changing from release to release, gaining input from fashionable celebrities and hip-hop artists. From the initial purposes of sneakers, mixed with the styles of casual clothing and lifestyle brands, we have seen a change in direction in sneaker trends, a great example is this Nike Swoosh Hunter. Equipped with thick ankle strap, a unique midsole featuring a diamond patterned design in the heel, this premium leather silhouette will make you reminisce of shoes we have seen in the past. The first shoe that comes to mind is the Nike Air Mag recently featured on just about every website, as well as the pattern in the heel that hints back to the Jordan XXX diamond/basketball net pattern located similarly in the heel. Nothing wrong with grabbing some inspiration when it comes to advancing in design. With all that said, the Nike Swoosh Hunter is set to release this Saturday at Australian sneaker shops, with a set MSRP of $400 AUD, which converts to roughly $280 USD. Stay Laced with Whatarethose for more updates on this new lifestyle sneaker that Nike has created and check back for updates on the Stateside release for a chance to grab a pair.