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Nike took to the looping video sharing service Vine to tease their latest Nike Kyrie 2 model, showcasing a shoe box that is almost too hot to handle.

Presumably part of a larger story soon to be rolled out, Nike unveiled a fire extinguisher case-inspired shoebox for their “Inferno” make-up, which sees the shoe pick up a fiery red and black look mixed with the look of shadowy flames wiping around the Swoosh. This model joins the first expected drop for 2016, the Nike Kyrie 2 “Effect”, which we previewed here. Take a spin around the new shoebox below and let us know what you think about their latest project.


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WAT I think:
Nike is bringing back the super exclusive feel, down to the box, as Jordan did when they originally released the Jordan 17’s with their metallic briefcase to store the classic shoes.