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Woah! Welcome to the future of style, introducing the ShiftWear sneakers.

A project on indiegogo has exceeded its goal and is ready for production. I really don’t need to say too much about these shoes, the video does the best justice. But to sum it up, you can create, pick or buy custom designs on your smartphone and display it right on your shoe for all to see and talk about. With one pair you can have endless looks to go with your outfits. The shoes come in three different styles, L1 classic (Low), M1 classic (Mid), and H1 classic (High).

The latest in bendable, wearable, waterproof HD displays, mixed with the mobile technology to power it all from your phone or tablet. Enjoy waterproof protection – so you can put them right in the washing machine. Kevlar Fiber coated soles resist damage and are ready to meet the challenge of the street.

The prices are as follows, Low $150, Mid $250, High $350

Dont play yourself, Digitize your Shoe game, I know I will, just so I can say “My shoe got a digital dash” *Future voice*

Check out more on these shoes at their website here.