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Reshoevn8r vs Air Max… Reshoevn8r Wins

Reshoevn8r started in 2010, but founder Steve Grear has been taking care of his own kicks since he was a very young man. The company lets you know immediately that it was founded by a sneakerhead for sneaker heads or anyone that just really likes to wear clean kicks. Steve Grear, like most young guys, wanted to buy a pair of Jordans and keep them fresh. Due to personal circumstances, he was practically raising himself, as his parents were not in his life from a young age. One lesson that struck him as very important was that his mom told him to get in the habit of always having clean kicks. She would always tell him that the appearance of cleanliness is important and that starts from the shoes up.

My mom used to say as long as you had clean shoes you could get away with wearing old clothes and still look good, but if you have dirty shoes and clean clothes you will not look as presentable. So I have always cleaned my shoes, since I was a little kid people have been asking me if I’m wearing new shoes? 90% of the time the answer has been “No I just keep ‘em clean”.

Steve Grear.JPG

Steve Grear thinking about how clean his kicks get.

The entire process began with a lot of trial and error. At first he used to put shoes in pillow case on his own to clean his kicks but after a few attempts, he came up with entire patented process. The company was founded in Tucson and is now based out of Phoenix. The entire process is completed in a warehouse, including the photo shoots, the order processing, and the packaging work. Grear is not too big for his boots yet! He is completely hands-on. You can find him on-site daily as he still works out of the location to help deliver the packages to the customers.

DB Dunk_cleaning 1.jpeg

Grear is completely “hands-on.” Get it?

Customer service is probably most important thing to the company. They make sure that they respond to any and every question or concern that people have. They make sure to respond to YouTube comments, Instagram posts, tweets, Facebook, and any other messaging that you could think of! They know that there are other options for shoe cleaning and want to make sure the customers get the service they deserve and will remember.

Customer service is one of the most important things a company can have in addition to their products or services. Without customers there would be no business, so it is essential that you do everything you can to make your customers happy. It only takes one negative experience to lose a customer for life, and many positive experiences to keep them. We pride ourselves in responding positively to every single comment, question, email, phone call or message sent directly to us from our site and all social media. It’s important to not only provide a great product and great service, but to also provide great knowledge.

About the product

The systems use a variety of brushes and bristles. They really feel like that is really important because some companies give only one brush and the bristles are an afterthought. Imagine the the brush for the sole, versus the mesh, versus the suede, etc. Each part is important and needs something different. It’s not just getting the surface clean but also making the shoe smell good too. “These are fine shoes that people are spending good money on,” they said. they want to make sure the solution and the brush materials are right for the shoes. Brushes are really important!


“Brushes are important to the cleaning process.”

I started Reshoevn8r because I saw the need for a more effective shoe cleaner, all the shoe cleaning products I tried never got the results that I wanted. Unfortunately big companies tend to only care about their profit margin and not about the quality of their products, so 90% of the cleaning products available at the bigger retail locations are lets say ‘less than quality.’ I wanted something I could believe in, and rely on.

Throughout the interview, we learned that the company not only believes in their product, but they also believe in a few causes. Reshoevn8r helps sponsor mud runs in the community. The kicker is that they ask you to donate your shoes after the event.

If you have never seen the aftermath of a mud run on a pair of shoes, check the link right here: Reshoevn8r Mud Run

or better yet, watch the video here:

Reshovn8r cleans 50 pairs of mud run sneakers for charity

Spoiler alert: after the shoes are donated, the company cleans all of the shoes and donates them to charity. A dope move indeed!

The good people at Reshoevn8r really believe in the product. Katie from the team used to waste shoes, toss them, and buy more. She was working in a completely different field and ran in to Steve. She had just bought a new pair of sneakers for exercises because like she had always thought, “if they are dirty and smelly, it’s time for new pair.” He showed her the product and thought, “man I probably wasted a couple thousands of dollars in my life when I could’ve been doing this!” After feeling silly for a minute she managed to get herself a job with Grear and company. From our convo, you can tell that she really believes in the product. For real… She really, realllllly believes in the product, and that is dope to have from a team member.

katieD in a shoe shop.jpg

Here’s Katie on a box, believing in Reshoevn8r. What else would she be doing?

Before leaving the interview, we got some final insight from founder, Steve Grear.

Being that I had been washing my shoes in the washer for over 15 years using a particular system, I realized there was nothing on the market that could get the results I could get using my own methods and tools so I had the idea one night to create my own cleaning system. I wanted to offer a better quality more effective shoe care product than anything that was available for people that really liked to detail there shoes like they do their car. There are other cleaners out there but there is only one Reshoevn8r, the true shoe lovers ultimate and premier cleaning solution choice.

Very cool product, very cool team. Now maybe you can see for yourself if the product works. We will be doing a giveaway real soon so comment below and get entered into a drawing for something from Reshoevn8r.

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