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courtesy of: @__westin

A Bathing Ape is not new to collaborations, working with companies such as Undefeated, G-Shock and even Pepsi! Bape has now entered a relationship with Puma, recently showing love to their Trinomic runner family. The R698Disc Blaze and Blaze of Glory each have been given a taste of Bapes world famous ‘1st Camo’ in their own different color ways for each style. These sneakers have all been released by Bape stores in very limited quantities, on the 28th of November.

If you didn’t get your pair the first go around, get your duckets ready because they will be available at lifestyle retailers on the 12th of December. So pick your favorite color and buy one…or get em all, you got it, ball out!


bape-1-640x426 bape-disc-2-640x426 blaze-of-glory-bape3-640x426