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Project Blitz’s owner Andre Ljustina, better known to sneakerheads as Croatian Style displayed his RIDICULOUS sneaker collection at RETROspective. This event is a carefully curated event that displayed and showcased over 3000 sneakers from Croatian Style  person archives. He is the founder of Project Blitz which is a consignment store that specializes in rare and limited footwear and apparel. He has been known for stunting with some of the flyest kicks in the early days of Niketalk.

The showcase not only had his personal collection which was valued at $2 million USD, but after the event, every single pair of sneakers were made available for purchase. It featured grails, heat,classics, samples, and even the ultra rare player editions.

photo cred: hypebeast.com

For those of you still in the dark, Croatian Style is the reason the internet has pictures like this:

Images courtesy of: CroatianStyle, ProjectBLITZ, DrewRuiz90 & hypebeast.com