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Justin Smith, better known as Just Blaze, is a Grammy Award winning producer in the music biz. Known for working with some of Music’s biggest stars, he’s also making waves in the sneaker world with his latest Saucony Grid SD Casino x Packer Shoes. Just Blaze is a well-known sneaker connoisseur, and it comes through in his designs.  His debut collaboration with Saucony and Packer Shoes, “Snow Beach”, was such a success that they teamed up once again.

The Packer by Just Blaze Saucony Grid SD Casino features a red suede and ripstop nylon upper along with green, yellow, and black accents to give you a roulette table feel. The numbers 00 and 36, showcased in a green square and black square respectively, decorate the heels representing the numbers you can bet on. A single white dot on the side panel of the left shoe represents the bouncing white roulette ball, and a roulette wheel adorns the tongue of each shoe.

You thought it ended there? With the sneakers comes a bucket hat, T-shirt, tote bag, a special deck of cards and dice. This exclusive set will be released on October 16th and will only be available at a special Packer Shoes pop-up shop in NYC’s Lower East Side.

Sneaker Specs:
Just Blaze x Packer Shoes x Saucony Grid SD “Casino”
Release Date: October 16th- Exclusively to Packer Shoes pop-up 
Color: Red/Green-Black-Yellow
Price: $225 

Update: These are completely sold out. Best chances of finding these may be eBay. 
Saucony Grid SD Casino x Packer Shoes Saucony Grid SD Casino x Packer Shoes Saucony Grid SD Casino x Packer Shoes Saucony Grid SD Casino x Packer Shoes